Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Seventy: Fissel Family Roundel Roundup

Catie's parents were in town, and like us, they were hungry for brunch. We sped away from our various secret locations and made a plan to go to the Red Wagon. When we arrived, the lineup was outrageous. People scattered here and there all over the sidewalk! Standing around on Hastings is not what we wanted to experience on a weekend morning, so we headed up the street to revisit the Roundel Café.

There was only one table that was occupied, and so we had our choice of seats. The window it was, and our server ran down the list of specials. I was tempted by the Mexican-style benny ($9), but the others ordered from the extensive regular menu. Orange juices, coffees, and teas followed, as usually happens.

For Catie, the Benny with Bacon ($9.75). As before, the hard-poached eggs were done just right. Thick slices of bacon, fluffy English muffins, and tasty Hollandaise sauce rounded it out. Hashbrowns made with sweet potato and regular potato, as well as a small salad, completed her plate.

Jim selected the Ham and Cheddar Omelet. Was it $10? I think so. I was a bit jealous, because it looked so good, and Jim agreed that it was a fine quality omelet. Big size, and real cheese.

Two Eggs for $7 (and a side of toast) for Kim. She mentioned that the salad was a bit strange to find sharing a plate with a traditional breakfast, but it was a good bit of health for the meal.

Linda chose the Benny with Ham ($9.75) She said it was tasty and finished the whole plate, so we believed her.

Everyone enjoyed their brunch, but I enjoyed mine the most. It was a special, so it won't be available every day, but... imagine this: a thick tortilla, covered with black beans, two poached eggs, green tomatillo salsa, sour cream, hashbrowns and salad, all on one plate. Delicioso! You should go and hope that it is on the menu. Maybe they will make it a regular item.

During our meal, the café filled up, and when we left there was a sizable lineup. The moral of the story? Go early, order the special, and brunch happy. Bring some friends or family to start your demuerzo (desayuno + almuerzo?) off right!

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