Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Sixty-Three: Coming Home Café

Happily ensconced at our new secret location, we wondered what brunch we could find. Having consulted various information sources, we decided to head out to the Coming Home Café (753 6th St.). We were pleased to see that there were empty seats when we arrived (though they certainly did fill up quickly once we were seated!) and so we sat down. The menu is on a chalkboard on the wall. Everything is affordable (which is good because it is a Cash Only place), and there are so many choices.

The coffee is billed as "Kick Ass," and Catie concurs. You have to get your own, though. My orange juice received no such advertising, but it certainly was tasty. After some decision-making, I selected The Royal, which is 3 apple-cinnamon pancakes and meat ($8). I said to surprise me, and they brought sausage. Catie remained with the Kick Ass theme and requested the Kick Ass Benny with bacon for $9. We settled in to wait for our brunch.

Several other groups came in - a couple, some individuals with newspapers, and a pair of families - and all received a warm welcome. We could watch (and smell!) as our food was cooked, as the kitchen is set up like a house kitchen. The cooks and servers were bantering cheerfully, lending to the overall friendly feeling of the place.

Well, as keen readers of this blog will know, I rarely stray away from a breakfast involving eggs. It's a bit of theme, really. I am pleased that I did this time. These pancakes were awesome! Fluffy, with a good balance of apple and cinnamon flavours, dusted with icing sugar. And there were three of them! (I did have some difficulty finishing them, to be honest.)

Catie was pleased with her Kick Ass Benny. It kicked ass in several ways: the muffin was awesome, the Hollandaise was ridiculous, and the bacon was delicious. We agreed that the muffin must have been made in-house.

This was a very successful brunch near our new secret location. We're looking forward to returning to the Coming Home Café!

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