Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Sixty-Six: Amelia's All Day Long

It was a quiet Sunday, and we left our secret location in search of something delicious for our brunch. Turning up the hill, we wandered over hill and dale before we ended up at Amelia Restaurant, 640 12th St., New West. (Be forewarned that there is another, as yet unreviewed, "Amelia Café on 6th St.)
From the outside, it is unassuming. From the inside, there is a definite air of "school cafeteria." With pink and blue paint, wall-mounted aircon unit, many ceiling fans, and specials written on whiteboards, we were a bit nervous. Was the spoon too greasy?

Our server was cheerful, and the menus were laminated. After brief perusal, we chose our usual drinks - OJ from a carton and coffee from an all-day pot - and our meals. I chose an omelette with sausage and cheddar cheese and Catie asked for eggs Benedict (there must be a fomer Pope joke here) with bacon.

I liked my omelette, and not just because it was $8. The cheese on the top was quite nice. You can see how much there was! Most omelettes with cheese have just a few wee strands tucked inside, but this one was positively smothered. The sourdough toast was surprisingly crispy, and the hashbrowns were awesome.

Catie is smiling, not just because of her fantastic hashbrowns, but also because the Hollandaise was surprisingly delicious. Especially because they only cost $8!

We do like a greasy spoon done well, and Amelia's delivers in every respect. Be not afraid of the low prices, and don't forget to order the hashbrowns!

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