Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekend Sixty-Seven: Café Medina - Skillets of Sauce!

This weekend, just like others, brought a powerful hunger to us. After the day started, our tummies began to rumble. We hopped on the Skytrain (Station : Secret Location) and rode it all the way in to town (Station: Stadium/Chinatown). We turned right on Beatty St. and joined the lineup at Café Medina (556 Beatty St., opens at 9 on Sundays). Protip: go early, be part of a small group, and make sure you all arrive at the same time. If they call your name and someone is missing, you get put back to the end of the list! While waiting outside, feast your eyes on the racks of delicious-looking waffles that are in the window.

When we were called inside, our server escorted us through an assortment of hallways to a beautiful room on the other side of the building. Exposed brick, big wooden beams, and bright sunlight greeted us as we sat down to peruse the menu.

OJ, yes, and fresh-squeezed. Yum! Catie chose a chai tea, which was served in a very large teacup. "Very good. Nice and creamy, but not too overly chai-ed."

Despite seeing and being tempted by many menu items, I chose Les Boulettes ($15,) which are beef and lamb meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce. I asked for the eggs to be scrambled, but they only come poached or -over. Poached was my choice. So, what is the verdict for this brunch? Totally fantastic. The sauce was packed with taste, the meatballs were well-done, and the toasted foccacia on the side was crispy and delicious. Though it was strange for me to have a breakfast without hashbrowns, I really didn't miss them!

Catie, on the other hand, went with her choice from before, the Fricassée, for $16. I must admit that I stole some of the lamb and cheese, and they were well worth the journey into criminality. "Smokey and flavourful," she says, "but too many greens."

Though we had wanted to get a waffle (with raspberry caramel, $4.15) for dessert, there was simply not enough stomach-space left when we had finished our meal. Looks like we have a good excuse to go back!


  1. Sounds delish! I would have gone with Dave's choice.

    1. I certainly have no regrets. However, would I order it again? There are so many other tasty-looking things on the menu. The fricassée really must be good for Catie to order it twice!

  2. Masa and I went there once a couple of years ago and only had waffles, which were very good, but small and pricey! The space between the tables was minimal. I didn't know there was a more roomy space in the back.