Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Sixty-Four: Burnaby Hospital 4B - 73-2

We awoke on Saturday morning not knowing what was to come. As I saran-wrapped Dave's cast in preparation for his shower I hoped we would get a call from the hospital, which never works. Minutes later, after Dave stepped into the shower, the phone rang! Brring, Brrinnng! The nice nurse told me today was the day and we should report to the Burnaby General OR. How exciting!

We left our secret location and drove down kingsway. We didn't expect food and indeed it was a long time before we were treated to any. We were seated in ward 4B, room 73, bed 2. It was a cosy and quite an adjustable area, very 80's inspired. The lady and her italian son who were seated next to us in bed 3, were watching Chopping Block. I've never seen this show before and in case you, dear reader haven't, I'll describe it to you: it's an Iron Chef rip off. Our mouths watered as it was now 11:00 am and we still hadn't been given menus.

At 11:30 Dave was treated to a special private viewing of the OR and came back a few hours later with his wrist surgically repaired... what service!
Soon after, lunch was offered, though I had to microwave it. Chicken casserole, green beans, rice, canned oranges, cream of mushroom (?) soup with crackers, and coffee. I didn't like it or find it appealing but Dave LOVED it!

Next at 5:00pm dinner came, this is a 2 for 1 write up. It was meat loaf with beef and mushroom gravy, cauliflower with a cheese sauce, mashed potatoes, garden salad with fat-free calorie-reduced thousand island dressing, a date square, orange juice, and tea. Dinner was quite edible.

Dave very much enjoyed both his meals, but that could've just been the hunger or narcotics. I only tolerated them, though I did appreciate the free food.

Even though the food was just okay, the service and care provided by all the health care workers at the hospital was fantastic! We only recommend eating at Burnaby General Hospital if totally necessary.

Ps. For all caring and inquiring minds Dave collected some bruises, lost some skin and broke his left wrist in a cycling accident at the velodrome. He's healing quickly and putting the perk into percocet! He plans to be back on his bike very soon.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Catie, I wondered what happened. Sending healing thoughts your way, Dave!
    Glad you enjoyed your hospital cuisine, even if it was the drugs talking.