Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Sixty-Two: Falconetti's East Side Grilled Sausages

Leaving our new secret location, we were destined for a fun catch up with good friends, with the return of the first ever guests on our blog, Melanie and Jeffrey. We met at Falconetti's East Side Grill on Commercial Drive, which had been nominated for this brunch by our guest stars for their home made sausages.

We arrived a few minutes after opening, which is 11:30 am, but this being Commercial Drive the staff were running a little late. Melanie and Jeffrey had been waiting outside for a few minutes before we made it and said that the waitress had come out to say they would open soon.

We were seated in the front of the restaurant in the coveted window seat (sorry for the back lit photos). The music changed once we sat down from happy Lionel Hampton upbeat Jazz to Brunch Hunger Rock. The change was perceptible to all seated. We were given a brunch menu that had lunch on the otherside; it was 11:30 am after all. Drinks were ordered with a Caesar for Jeffrey, coffee for Melanie, tea for Catie, and of course, orange juice for Dave.

Both Melanie and I were torn between "the Smokey" pulled pork Benny and the Poutine Breakfast ($12). Neither of us could resist the temptation of Poutine. I had it with pulled pork, while Melanie went with the Sweet Italian sausage in her Poutine. Though our protein was different the Poutine was equally fabulous!

Jeffrey chose the lunch menu Polish Sausage ($12). He said the sauerkraut was great but the grainy mustard over powered the rest of the sausage. Dave had the breakfast burrito ($11), which was titanic in a good way. We all agreed that the hash browns appeared to be french fries that had been sliced twice, but the taste seemed okay.

Overall, the atmosphere was good, the service was adequate, the food was meaty and good (though less mustard next time please), and the company was exceptional. If you can wait until 11:30 am for brunch this is a great option.


  1. Coincidentally, we walked past this place on our way to Kishimoto, a great Japanese place farther south along Commercial. My friend Ditmar commented that the butcher shop next door was run by the same fellow, which I thought was an interesting fact.

    Your review wasn't glowing, but we still might give it try one day. The Drive seems populated with better and more interesting shops, cafes, and restaurants these days. It has always had a cool vibe but now it seems even more inviting.

  2. You guys are troopers. Turducken followed by big brunch!