Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Sixty-One: Angelina's at the Quay

We apologize for the lack of blogging over the last two weeks. We have been preparing and moving into our new secret location and haven't had much time to brunch. We are now settled and have begun brunching once more. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. c+d

While in the middle of moving our secret location to a newer, more secret location, we were able to make time to have a little spot of brunch. We headed out on a little stroll. After just a few steps, we came upon Angelina's (no website, 906 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, 604-520-6468). The server greeted us and sat us down promptly.

Catie liked the design of the menus. Each of them has a different photo on the front, some featuring a distinctly Dutch motif, but, as the server said, "all of the photos are different, but all the insides are the same." I was momentarily distracted by the sundae dish of fresh fruit and yoghurt that was served to the man next to us. There was a dizzying array of pannekoek and waffles to choose from, as well as traditional brunch choices. Nevertheless, we managed to make our selections and settled in to enjoy our Sunday.

Of course, no brunch is complete without a tea and OJ. The OJ was fresh-squeezed, and the server brought more hot water for Catie.

My selection, the bratwurst hash, was huge. I liked the sausage pieces and the eggs had a good flavour, but the hash browns were simply too numerous. Perhaps this was because I had already eaten two slices of delicious raisin toast, but still. I didn't finish the hash browns.

Catie chose the Benny with bacon, and what bacon it was! She thinks it was actually back bacon due to its thickness. The hollandaise was a little bit sweet, which complimented the saltiness of the bacon well. As with me, Catie's hash browns were too numerous. Tasty, but too many.

We have only one real complaint about Angelina's. Having too much food really isn't much of a problem, but the time it took us to receive the food was. The server said that we had arrived just after a group of 6, and that the grill was too small to cook all of the meals at once. It took almost an hour from the time that we ordered!

That being said, Angelina's is a really popular spot with people of all ages. Good food, friendly service and reasonable prices make us want to go back, but we'll keep an eye out for groups of 6.

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