Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Sixty: Two Chefs Revisit with Company

(This post comes directly from the creative and very amusing mind of Dave's sister, Jane and her girlfriend and muse, Beth.)

"Well, the balls of it," our host explained, "is that you have to wait outside."

So, we did. We waited for a frosty 45 minutes outside Two Chefs and a Table (see previous visit here) until half a large table became available for our group of four. Fortunately, we found ourselves very entertaining and the food was well worth the wait.

We had some new experiences over the morning, the first of which was learning the hip idiom, "The balls of it is...." Catie adopted it immediately and Dave and Beth considered teaching it to their ESL classes. Our wintry wait outside also gave us plenty of time to consider the location, location, location and the other clientele of Two Chefs and a Table. All the pointy shoes and meticulously groomed moustaches were in sharp contrast to the surrounding DTES. Once seated, we found plenty of scope for comment in the freshly distressed decor.

Dave was hoping for his first taste of Terducken sausage, but this had already sold out. His second choice was also a first, though: Chicken and Waffles. That's fried chicken, plunked on a waffle and drizzled with syrup.

Beth, recovering from stomach flu, took it easy with a platter of lean and local sausage with scrambled eggs. The eggs she pronounced "better than your usual" and the sausage very tasty. The potatoes didn't stand out much.

Catie and Jane were both impressed with the Monsieur Andre. Have you ever considered which sandwich you would be, if you were one?* It would be interesting to meet this Andre. He's clearly a luxury-loving sophisticate who is also a master of restraint. Expressed in sandwich, he's the fanciest-pants grilled cheese around. Sourdough bread, goat cheese, slices of the "daily charcuterie," topped with an over-easy egg and Hollandaise sauce. It was decadent but not sickening, and every bite delicious.

We were also served a small container of lemon marmalade. Since none of us had toast, its purpose was mysterious. But it was very nice eaten directly off the spoon.

We give Two Chefs and a Table our thumbs up for flavour. And the server did a fantastic seating and serving the whole busy restaurant almost single-handedly.

* Jane: peanut butter and dill pickle. Or tomato and mayo, toasted.
Beth: a once-in-a-lifetime, end-of-a-camping-trip creation: pepperoni dipped in peanut butter sprinkled with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, wrapped in a stale tortilla.
Catie: left over turkey, bacon, mayo, dijon mustard, stuffing and sliced brussel sprouts, in a kaiser bun with gravy on top.
Dave: pork belly, sliced cabbage and pickled onions, cheddar and guacamole.

And yourself? Please share in the comments!

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  1. It's such an interesting little building perched on a slant at the end of a narrow block. That it exists at all and that it has somehow turned into a great little eatery is a kind of miracle this atheist can believe in!