Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Fifty-One: Dancing to Slickity Jim's Chat n' Chew

Looking for a relaxing brunch in the midst of the Vancouver Jazz Dance Festival, we woke to find  our feet transporting us from our secret location to Slickity Jim's Chat n' Chew.

We have reviewed Slickity Jim's on Weekend Four with special guests Melanie and Jeffrey. Our trendy friends found the food and atmosphere to their liking but both Dave and Jeffrey thought the chili could have been more powerful.

This weekend I picked the veggie Benny, Another Typical Benny Involved In Another Typical Daydream ($10.5) and added bacon ($2.5). I also sampled their tea, Red Rose. Dave decided to revisit the chili, picking the Cheddar Chili and Chorizo Omelette (which I can't find on their menu, perhaps it was a special). In a moment of impulse, Dave went for lemonaid instead of orange juice.

My Benny was excellent, even though I forgot to order the eggs poached hard. I believe the bacon made all the difference. Dave seemed very happy with his Omelette, made even better by the chili inside. Though, he did say it could still use a little more kick.

Slickity Jim's still has fabulous food and a great atmosphere, especially when you get to sit in the front of the place. Get there early or wait in line!

**Alert! Alert!**

Next week will be Weekend Fifty-Two! Dave and I will be looking back at a year in brunch and making some top ten lists.
If you have suggestions, comments, or snide remarks for next weekends blog or for the next year of brunch please let us know!

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