Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Forty-Seven: Yellow Point Lodge

In a break from our usual brunching grounds, we have a special report from our holiday. Read on!

Today was not like other Sundays. Instead of brunching in Vancouver or Victoria, we found ourselves relaxing the weekend away at Yellow Point Lodge, just south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. In between our beach-walking, wood-stove-tending, cribbage games and reading, we managed to find time to enjoy a whole lot of tasty home-style cooking.

Catie chose the Eggs Mornay, which are eggs Benny with cheese sauce instead of the Hollandaise. She wasn't totally sure that the coffee was caffeinated, but she was certain that the English muffins were made in-house. Despite not knowing who Mornay was, Catie thought he was a genius and his eggs were exceptional.

I chose scrambled eggs with cheese, tomatoes, and toast. As usual, I also chose OJ, but unfortunately it wasn't fresh-squeezed. All sins forgiven, though - the eggs were fluffy, the cheese tangy, and the toast crispy. Even the tomato was fresh!

The thing is, though - you can ask for just about anything. The cooks will whip it up for you after you order! We saw huge strips of bacon, plate-size pancakes, and tons of fresh fruit!

We'll be back at YPL next October, so we're looking forward to more delicious food and relaxing surroundings.

We are coming up to Weekend Fifty-Two very quickly. After a year of blogging brunches we want to do a Best Of post and we need your help!
To our silent and not so silent readers, please email us the answers to these questions:
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  1. Can I get back to you around Weekend Forty-Seven?
    I'd love to go back through your posts but if I do it now I will endanger my graduation!!!
    Dave, how about chai? Probably not found in a greasy spoon, but we live in hope.