Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Forty-Five: Rosie's Country Café

This weekend was one filled with excitement. We had been able to get some of the last tickets for the Vancouver Dixieland Jazz Society's Jazz Band Ball and were headed out to the wilds of Surrey. With dance shoes in our bags, we went searching for something to eat before the gospel set started at 11. Catie's skills in the ancient art of Google-Fu found us Rosie's Country Café (3303 King George Highway, 604-538-4195, no website.)

It took a few reconnaissance passes before we got permission to land (not really. Dave just couldn't find the address! -c.) When we saw that it was a storefront in a strip mall, our hearts fell. Surely this would be limpid eggs, swimming forlornly in pools of grease... But we went inside anyway. Fortunately, our first impressions were wrong.

The inside was astonishingly clean, with some very nice chalk artwork on the walls. An assortment of people were tucking in to their breakfasts with plates piled high. A family, a few old friends, and another couple were all chattering and munching happily. A waitress appeared and sat us down with the menus. Coffee arrived for Catie and OJ came for me, and we made our selections. My OJ was delivered in a can, with a frosty glass. No pretensions here, which I like.

I chose an omelette with cheddar, peppers, bacon, and onions for $9.50. It was big! I'm really on an omelette-with-bacon kick right now, and this was an excellent example of the genre. Thick-sliced toast and crispy hashbrowns (with green onions on the top - who would have expected that from a diner in a strip mall?) rounded out the plate, and I have to say that I've never been more pleased to be wrong about my first impressions!

Catie's Benny (with ham, also $9.50) made her smile hugely. She reported that the hollandaise was delicious and that her hashbrowns came with many crispy bits, which she enjoys. There were too many hashbrowns for her, which is a rare and pleasant situation.

So, even after many restaurants, we can still be wrong with first impressions. We'll be back to Rosie's Country Cafe on our way to next September's Jazz Band Ball!

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  1. You never know what delights are hidden in Darkest Surrey!