Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekend Forty-Eight: A Nice Cafe

It was a rainy morning when we left our secret location in search of the best  greasy spoon in Vancouver. Some say the Nice Cafe (no website, you can find them at 154 East 8th Ave, 604-874-4024) off of Main Street is this mystical unicorn. The perfect combination of excellent, non pretentious food, low low prices, and an exceptionally relaxed atmosphere.

The atmosphere is right. Servers are friendly but so relaxed that they seem sedated. Given the ativan-filled staff, service is pretty slow but if you’re going to wait anywhere for food, the Nice Cafe is a pretty nice place to wait.

The prices are also pretty close to dead on. Dave ordered a small orange juice for $2.50 but reconsidered and asked for a large, priced at $2.95. For the extra $0.45 you will recieve twice as much! Get the large.

I calculated my chances of getting bad hollandaise in a greasy spoon. Life is about taking risks. My Blackstone Benny ($9) with the tomatoes on the side was delicious. I suspect the hollandaise was powdered which is okay by me in a place like this.

Dave chose the Super Omelette ($9). It came with, what seemed like, 2 very large onions in it. These two onions were chopped into bite sized pieces for a giant. The hash browns were crispy bits of potato heaven!

We would return to Nice Cafe! It’s definitely a contender for the best greasy spoon in Vancouver, unless you want pancakes on the weekend, then you should go somewhere else.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I've been down that road before but never noticed the cafe. Looks cute. A little distressed by the forlorn-looking dog, presumably tied to the bike stand, waiting for his human to finish his brunch.