Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Forty-Three: Return to Crave

This week, accompanied by our special guest Kyle, we left from our secret location with a single-minded focus... we had a craving for Crave. We have blogged brunch at Crave before (previous Crave entry) and it was a very pleasant experience. This time may have been even better.

We arrived and were seated very quickly near the front window. This location was particularly good for people watching. There is an excellent patio in the back of the restaurant, but the weather wasn't patio friendly during our visit.

Both Kyle and I ordered coffee, while Dave, true to form, had an orange juice. We had much discussion over the "pulled pork on back and cheddar biscuit" Benny. Yes, it sounds delicious, but is it pulled pork on bacon And cheddar biscuit or is it pulled pork On bacon and cheddar biscuit. After this was cleared up, I picked the California Benny ($10), Kyle decided upon the Bacon BLT on Brioche ($13) which promised to put hair on his chest, and Dave went for the Build Your Own Omelette with back bacon, cheddar, mushrooms, and tomatoes ($10).

We all dug into our food happily. Kyle was kind enough to share a bit of his thick cut wild boar bacon. It was incredible! Personally, I hope it doesn't come through on its hairy chested promise. I was not kind enough to share my Benny which had what seemed to be an entire avocado and fantastic hollandaise sauce. Dave, too, was not kind enough to share what looked and smelled like a very tasty omelette.

We fell under the relaxing spell of good conversation and the indescribable atmosphere of Crave only to realize that we were running very late for an event taking place that day, namely the Rhythm City Mess Around. Kyle had to run! The waitress attended to our needs at a spectacular pace and we, happily, made it without missing a beat or a step.

Crave remains fantastic! It's hard not to revisit it every weekend...

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