Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Forty-One: Elbow Room Cafe

This weekend found us looking for a little bit of abuse, so we headed out from our secret location to Yaletown.

If you have a sense of humour and can take being mistreated by staff then the Elbow Room is for you. This unassuming little cafe has a long, almost twenty year, history of fame and infamy. The Elbow Room has received many awards from many publications. My favourite was "best indifferent and abusive service" which can be seen in the entry/waiting area.

We were seated quickly. I ordered a coffee and Dave an orange juice. We got our own water, don't even ask them, just as I fetched my own coffee refills.

We strategically looked at the menu, which is very long. If you don't finish your food, you will make a donation to A Loving Spoonful, though you should make a donation anyway.

I decided on the Karen's Benny without shrimp or hash browns ($12.75). Dave ordered the Lumber Jack Breakfast ($11.75). He was really hungry.
I really enjoyed my Benny. The hollandaise was spicy and delicious. Dave's breakfast was a little lack luster as far as the appearance and the grilled tomatoes were a little under done but the rest of the meal was hearty and flavourful.
The food is not super spectacular, but I'm certain that we will return with friends to enjoy Elbow Room's unique customer service, and that is probably the best review that a restaurant can receive.


  1. I remember when the Elbow Room used be to in a small cafe space at Georgia and Jervis -- hence the 'elbow room' name. I don't remember when it moved to Davie St.

    Masa and I went there a few years ago. I think I had French toast and Masa had an absolutely gigantic pancake, which wasn't full cooked in the middle. We complained. They were good about it and took it off the bill.

  2. Despite the fearsome reputation, our servers were really quite friendly. Only the counterman (owner?) had snarky comments, and they weren't even all that snarky...