Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Twenty-Seven: Relaxing at the Reef

Sunday is brunch day, at least for us, and this Sunday was no exception. Catie's sister Kim was in town, which made this a Sunday worth celebrating. We left our secret location and strolled to The Reef.

They have a patio, which we sat on. It was a bit of grey day, though not unpleasant, and the heat was on. Catie and Kim ordered coffee, which was hot and liquid-y, and I enjoyed my traditional orange juice, which was cold and filled with pulp. Kim also had a mimosa, which she pronounced to be delicious. After reading the menu, Catie chose the Huevos Rancheros ($11,) Kim Sam Lord's Breakfast (with bacon, for $9,) and I Kitty's Scrambler ($12.)

Our waitress brought out some johnny cakes (with raspberry jam inside) to start, and they were excellent. When our food arrived, we were struck with how similar it all looked. I suppose, to be fair, that we all did have variations on eggs! The huevos were on top of a crispy tortilla, and I particularly enjoyed the cheese and sausage in the scrambler. The salsa was made of large, fresh-cut pieces of tomato and onion. Sam Lord's eggs were somewhat runny, which was a disappointment.

So, what's the verdict? Pros - tasty taste, freshly made, eaten on a patio! Cons - nothing really stood out. It was all good, but... there was something missing. Perfect brunch? No, not really, but a reliable standby.

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