Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Sixteen: Deacon's Corner

Well, today the clocks advanced ahead an hour, and we seized the opportunity to celebrate. With brunch, of course. Today's choice was Deacon's Corner. We'd eaten there before, as they were at the Gastown Blues and Chili Fest and we really liked their chili.

We arrived and were seated quickly. The menu is double-sided, but our eyes were drawn to the large selection of breakfast choices. Catie ordered her traditional coffee and I my orange juice, but to my surprise, it was served in a bottle! No corkscrew needed, though. After some deliberation, I chose the Mexican Scramble ($10.75) and Catie the Bacon & Egger ($7.75.)

My scramble was really quite nice. The chorizo was fresh and not too salty, but there could have been more cheese. Sourdough toast and pleasantly spicy hashbrowns (from a bag?) completed my feast. The Egger came wrapped in waxed paper, perhaps to make sure it didn't come apart. Real bacon was found in abundance, and she also had the pleasantly spicy hashbrowns.

Todays' brunch was pretty good, but I'm not sure it was perfect. We'll definitely be back, though - maybe for the breakfast menu, but definitely for the chili!

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