Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Nine: Trixi's Crepe and Coffee Haus

Sunday came, and with it there was a need for food. Leaving Main Street for Cambie is not something that happens often, but today we ventured afar. Trixi's Crepe and Coffee Haus was our destination. It was a very wintery walk!

Catie loves brunch + Dave loves brunch = We love brunch.

When we arrived at 3306 Cambie (at 17th) there were only a few other customers. We took a seat near the back, took a look at the menu, and decided we were hungry. Now normally, one crepe per person is sufficient, but like I said, today was a special case. Three crepes were on order: Dave had one with pesto chicken, mozarella, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes, and Catie ordered one with lemon pepper chicken and Swiss cheese.

Both were flavourful, with generous chunks of real chicken - no sliced deli meats here, thankfully - and oozing melted cheese, both wrapped in a light crepe. The outside was done to a turn, with some golden brown crispy bits, and topped with chopped parsley.

For dessert, one crepe was clearly the best choice. Of course, I'm speaking of the raspberry jam sweet crepe. A good amount of jam, expertly made crepe, and a light dusting of icing sugar on the top. Sweet yes, but not overly so. The prices were reasonable, too - most savoury crepes are around the eight dollar mark, and none are more than $10.75. The sweet crepes are cheaper, with most costing about $6.

To drink, Dave had Orangina, and Catie had a latte. This brunch feast was quite tasty, and the cozy atmosphere of Trixi's made it all even better. Could this be the perfect brunch to warm up a winter's day?

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